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After explaining what Imran Khan sent to the T20 World Cup, Babar Azam was revealed before the great match against India


  • India will take on Pakistan in the first match of the World Cup on Sunday
  • Before the match, the captains of both the teams interacted with the media.
  • Said Babar Azam – Will give his 100%, do not pay attention to the past
  • Rameez Raja fed the Pakistani team before the match

New Delhi/Dubai
Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam has been sent by Prime Minister Imran Khan telling his experience. Azam told this in the press conference before the match against India. In the T20 World Cup, a high voltage match is to be played between India and Pakistan on Sunday. Responding to a question, Azam said that he had met Imran Khan before leaving for the UAE. Then he told his experience of the World Cup (Imran was the captain of the 1992 ODI World Cup winning Pakistan team). Read what else Babar Azam told.

Before the great match, Kohli played a mind game with Pakistan

  1. The competition between India and Pakistan is always difficult. If we want to win, we have to bowl well along with batting well. In the last match we saw that the batting was very good but the bowling collapsed. What have you told the bowlers, what goals have you set for them?
    Babar Azam: The India-Pakistan game is always a high-intensity match. You can’t be relaxed. Not only batting, bowling, you have to do well in fielding too. If you do well in all three areas, you will win the match. In the last match, we tried a slightly different combination. Unfortunately, he chased later, that doesn’t mean our bowling is under pressure.
  2. Pakistan’s pace bowling has always been strong, but this time India’s pace attack is also one of the best bowling attacks in the world. So do you think it makes India a little heavier than that? (Jasprit) What will be your strategy to face Bumrah?
    Babar Azam: Each team has its own strength. Our bowling has been strong from the beginning. Our bowlers are very experienced. I stick to my basics, my plan. I try to play ball.
  3. As the captain of the Pakistan team before the match, have you received any message from Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been the captain of the World Cup winning team?
    Babar Azam: Haven’t received any such message. We had met before coming. Then he shared his experience.
  4. Every time India beat you in the World Cup, what are you going to do differently this time?
    Babar Azam: To be honest, what has passed behind is not to be focused on. We will try to give our 100% and whatever is our strength, ability… will apply on the day and play good cricket.
  5. PCB Chairman (Rameez Raja) had a video conference with you yesterday. What did he say to encourage you?
    Babar Azam: The chairman said that the more you keep things simple, the better. Have faith in yourself.

Pak PM Imran Khan met the Pakistani team

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