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After the end, WhatsApp will get special convenience feature from today, like use

Get the WhatsApp reaction feature out for today. In the season where the temperature rises, it is updated at the time of the update in the season. Now with the corporatization facility, other specialties in the market like Telegram etc. explode etc. This time period is expiring.

With the arrival of this latest WhatsApp feature, users will be able to give their feedback on the message with the help of emoji. I Vayta that we will meet you in kayruati sass but you will get all the emojis, get, meet, meet, mille, mille, mille, and all

The company’s Mark Zuckerbang has equipped the rating facility with features like well.

(Photo: Luxury/Mark Zuckerberg)

Since when testing?
Update for the information of you people that the testing of WhatsApp reaction feature should be done from 2018. Update Information that the company is investigating more new updates, it was to be revealed that in the coming time up to 2 GB of files will be updated with the new update of whats and group calls with 32 people. Rolling out feature.

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