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Akt.io Shows How DeFi Is Shaping the Future and Why Financial Institutions Are Prepared for Disruption – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Investment has become essential for those who want to secure their financial future. Despite this need, there are few accessible options for those who want to put their money to work. Akt.io will change this and democratize the investment world.

Why do you need investment?

With current accounts offering zero returns and savings accounts offering zero returns, investing has become imperative if you do not want inflation to affect your financial future. The problem is that investing is intimidating and comes with too much risk for most people.

Despite the plethora of investment platforms in the market today, investing remains for those who know how to navigate this world with confidence and actually make a profit from the bets they make. And, now you are talking about investing only in traditional assets, such as stocks. Once you start adding new asset classes and investments into the mix, such as crypto and crypto staking, the gap between those who can access and benefit from investments and those who cannot. , they increase even more.

Then you also have the problem of choosing between growth and spending. Because even those who know how to invest are still faced with the choice between growing their money in an investment or being able to pay with it.

Considering the fact that everyone wants their money to grow, the global wealth management market is estimated to be worth over $75 trillion, should it be that hard to put money to work?

A FinTech Challenger Sees an Opportunity

Fintech company Automata was founded in 2017 by Gail Eatier. Gail is a computer scientist who graduated from cole Polytechnique in France. He was working for a German Neobank at the time where he developed trading algorithms, as well as founded and developed the company’s wealth management department. During this period, GAIL found that the same algorithmic trading method used to successfully manage investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients could be adapted to the retail market when it was used for fractional investments and assets. is added together.

The impetus for GAIL was to democratize the investment world and provide investment solutions that would help clients grow their wealth and work for them at all times, while simultaneously keeping it accessible for payment.

Automata Networks Limited was incorporated in the UK in 2018. The company develops a robo-advisor for the crypto market based on the success it has had with algorithms employed in traditional financial markets. During the same year the team began the process of combining advanced money management tools, such as algorithmic trading and crypto staking, with payment services.

The team finds that in order to bridge the gap between investment solutions, and to make it possible to easily liquidate invested capital, they need an asset exchange that allows very rapid fractional exchange between different asset classes. be able to provide. same platform. This need is what propelled the team to develop a new type of multi-route asset exchange, called WealthHub, which sits at the core of the investment platform under their development.

The WealthHub technology they develop is powered by a proprietary algorithm that has been built in-house by Gail and his team. The exchange enables almost instant direct asset exchange between all asset providers associated with it. This means that users will be able to make partial exchanges between various assets and investments such as crypto, shares, crypto lending platforms, automated portfolios and any other investments available on their platform directly and without any middlemen.

Thanks to Akt.io WealthHub, the scope of possibilities expands rapidly and by signing a partnership agreement with an international payment service provider, users will soon be able to pay directly with any owned asset, in a matter of seconds With there being an automatic exchange between the asset and the currency requested by the trader.

The goal is to make it possible for users to pay with money that always works and, essentially, go to Starbucks and pay for coffee with crypto, gold or any investment they like.

Rebranded itself to Akt.io in 2020 and after years of development the Money app will soon be available to users in major European markets. Akt.io will launch during the fall of 2021 Aktio Coin ICO This will be the last step before the Wealth app is launched in 2022.

The team said: “It has been a long and challenging ride, but even though winter is fast approaching, we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because after years of development we hope we will get those millions of retail Found the solution for the investors who till date have not been able to access the most effective means to secure their financial future.

Akt.io Team

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