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Apple’s biggest surprise revealed! The picture of the first Notchless iPhone surfaced, you will be happy to see

Apple is already working on a smaller notch for its upcoming iPhone. There is also a rumor that the company is working on a smartphone completely without the notch. According to a report by PhoneArena, it seems that the latter has been featured in a TV show called Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudeikis on Apple TV+.

Notchless iPhone shown at the show
In episode 6 of Season 2 of the comedy show Signal, a notchless iPhone is spotted by viewers, who took to Twitter to highlight that the show featured a notchless iPhone. The notchless iPhone has surfaced not once but twice in the same episode. Both times, the iPhone had the normal iOS interface, but without the notch.

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The first notchless iPhone is visible in the photo below

Could be a prototype of the future iPhone
Now, it is not clear if this is one of the models in the upcoming iPhone 13 series that will arrive in September this year. Or a prototype of a future iPhone model. Rumors have already suggested that Apple is expected to introduce a smaller notch with the iPhone 13 series and to completely ditch the notch in the coming years in favor of under-display technologies like under-display cameras, Face ID or Touch ID. will remove from

New iPhones to be launched in a few weeks
The launch of the iPhone 13 is just a few weeks away and it is highly unlikely that Apple will introduce the most significant change feature of the upcoming iPhones through product placement on a TV show. PhoneArena has also reported that in one scene, the back of the alleged iPhone 13 has also been revealed with a fake-looking camera module that apparently resembles the housing of the iPhone 11.

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Meanwhile, whether or not Apple will announce an iPhone without a notch this year, we will know only at the Apple event next month. The official date for the same has not been announced yet, but several leaks and rumors are hinting at September 14 as the date of the event. Take this as a pinch of salt until Apple starts sending out official invites for the event.

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