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Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG: Will you be able to get experience like PUBG, learn in detail here


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India will focus more on privacy and security
  • There can be major changes in the content
  • There will be separate rules for users below 18 years

New Delhi.Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently a hot topic for gamers. Indian players are eagerly waiting for this. After the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, gamers were always waiting for the game to be relaunched. Now Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon be launched in the market for Indian gamers. However, people are also curious to know whether the Battlegrounds Mobile India game will be able to compete with PUBG Mobile or provide users with similar experience. So let’s know about this in detail.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: Privacy and Security

PUBG Mobile was one of the most played addictive games to date. Despite being in the games market like COD Mobile, Free Fire, the craze of gamers for PUBG Mobile is different. This addition was a matter of concern for authorities, institutions and parents. Due to increasing number of suicides due to PUBG Mobile, it was decided to ban this game. But now game developer Krafton has decided to make some changes to the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. But apart from the name and logo, there is a big difference between these two games. Battlegrounds Mobile India has its own unit and a brand. It will work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government of India.

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PUBG Mobile was banned due to privacy and security. But Krafton has ensured that players’ safety, privacy, and their data are given special attention. This policy will be given more attention and emphasis for players below 18 years of age. In particular, Krafton has stated that players under the age of 18 will require parental consent. For the consent of the parents, these players have to give their parents or guardian’s phone number. At the same time, minors can spend three hours a day playing this game. There is also an additional restriction on in-app purchases. It has been kept at Rs 7,000 per day, which can be called a major change from PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: Changes in content

Parental control has been given for minors, which is definitely an important change. The visual content of Battlegrounds Mobile India or is going to change. Scenes in which blood was shown will also see a huge change. Red color will be replaced with green color. While playing it will definitely look strange. But this step has been taken in view of minor players. Players will also be fully dressed in the game, which is a big difference compared to PUBG Mobile. These two games may be similar in look, but the names of the maps given in them will be different.

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Battlegrounds Mobile Launch: What will you be able to compete with PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile Player IDs and achievements will not be retained. In such a situation, players will have to start the game afresh. Battlegrounds Mobile is looking to establish itself as a separate game and is getting established, reducing its partnership with PUBG Mobile. Pre-registrations for this game will begin on May 18. It can be launched in the first week of June. However, no official information has been given yet.

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