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Best Bitcoin exchange in India | Bitbns | Indian cryptocurrency exchange.

BitBNS Bitcoin Exchange India

Best Bitcoin exchange in India

It is simply finding a crypto trade nowadays yet fairly elusive the correct one for you. So in this article, we will discuss the best bitcoin exchange and trading of cryptocurrency exchange in India.


A bitcoin exchange is a trading platform assisting investors trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitbns can be viewed as the best crypto exchanges in India.

Bitbns happens to one of the most simple, attractive, and secure platforms to trade your assets.

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What is a Bitcoin exchange?

Crypto investors need a platform to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and exchanges provide this service. They help traders to keep a check on the fluctuating market values of cryptocurrencies and connect buyers and sellers to enable trading.

How does a bitcoin exchange work?

Almost all the exchanges follow a similar basic layout. The crypto platforms connect the buyers and sellers willing to make a trade. We can have an overview of their functioning as:
To buy a bitcoin, you need to place an order at the price you wish to purchase.

Now, to sell a bitcoin, a seller will have to place an order to sell his bitcoin.
If both your and the seller’s price offering is the same, then the exchange connects you to the seller (in the backend), and the trade succeeds.

Start your Journey of Bitcoin Trading Here

To begin your trading journey, we have listed some of the best trading platforms in India.
Best Bitcoin exchanges in India

Bitbns is one of the platforms with an attractive and simple user interface. It is designed keeping in mind the slow pace of a beginner and all the requirements of an investor.

They provide an extensive range of features with great flexibility. You can complete the signup process in two minor steps, i.e., fill in your details and begin trading.

Bitbns provides you with an option to automate your trades, deciding in advance at the price you wish to sell your assets.

Bitbns stores almost 95% of its traders’ assets in cold storage and handles its users’ privacy with the utmost care. Besides, Bitbns is equipped with the best Grade-A security feature, keeping all your purchases secure.
Bitbns invites security groups and individuals who study them across all the platforms and find loopholes in their system, leaving no chance for a breach.
They also provide two-factor authentication for user data safety. You can reach them by raising a ticket, and they would reach out to you regarding your concerns.

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Bitbns Fee
Bitbns charges a flat 0.25% trading fee from its users, excluding those with a VIP pass. You can quickly get a VIP service by having at least $25 worth of BNS tokens.
You can see their fee division in the table below:

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Bitbns payment methods
Bitbns supports all the major payment options, including UPI. You can also deposit through NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, Net banking, and peer-to-peer deposits.

Bitbns Pros and cons

Considering all the features like security, beginner-friendly, the fee charged, user interface, deposit methods, we believe Bitbns would be one of the best choice for a beginner.

Start your Journey of Bitcoin Trading Here

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