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Big cyber attack on 21 June! 2 million Indian users targeted by North Korean hackers – north korean hackers may cyber attack on twenty lakhs Indian users via phishing emails

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There have been reports of cyber attack continuously for some time. Cyber ​​attack cases have increased after the corona virus epidemic. Now, according to a new report, India is among the 6 countries where there may be a major cyber attack on 21 June. Hackers from North Korea can make fishing camps by weaponizing the Covid-19theme.
According to a report published by ZDNet on Friday, there could be a major attack by the Lazarus Group. More than 5 million people and companies are targeted in this attack. These include small and large businesses. The attack may occur in India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, USA and UK.

6 countries may have big cyber attack

According to Cyfirma, a cybersecurity company in Singapore, “The North Korean hacker group wants to raise money through this attack.” In this attack, targeted email users will be asked to visit some fraud websites where they will be implicated to disclose their personal and financial information.

Lazarus hackers claim that they have 11 lakh users in Japan, 20 lakh in India and email details of 1,80,000 companies in the UK. According to the report, 8,000 Singaporean institutions are under attack in the attack, while the business contacts of members of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) were mentioned in an email template.

Information given to governments

According to Cyfirma founder and CEO Kumar Ritesh, he has notified government CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Team) in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India and the US. Apart from this, information has also been given to the National Cyber ​​Security Center in the UK. All six agencies have issued an alert and are investigating the case.

Ritesh said in a statement, “In the last six months, we have also monitored the activities of hackers linked to the Covid-19epidemic. Especially hawks, fishing and scam campaigns. '

The Lazarus Group is controlled by the Reconnaissance General Burea, Intelligence Bureau of North Korea. The same group was blamed for the WannaCry ransomware attacks in 2014, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, and in 2017 in several countries, including the US and the UK.

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