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Google shares five tips to keep users safe from coronavirus scams

Google shares five tips to keep users safe from coronavirus scams
Cyber ​​Criminals are taking full advantage of the corona virus epidemic and are trying to trick a lot of tricks and implicate internet users. Fake COVID-19 websites, apps and trackers around the world are designed to hack people’s computers and other devices. The WHO states that hackers and attackers are doing phishing attacks with the help of malicious websites and apps. Apart from this, users are being targeted with the help of Ransom Eams.

To protect users from such scams and fraud, some important tips have been shared by Google Safety Center. It has been reported by Google that online attacks related to Corona virus are being done in many ways. These range from fake requests for charitable donations to platforms offering fake services. Most have been started after the spread of corona virus infection and their purpose is to share malicious files.

These five tips will help

It has been said by Google that the messages related to scammers virus are designed in such a way that they look absolutely real. Attackers can reach you with the help of emails, SMS, automated calls and malicious websites. With the help of these tips, you can be saved.

Check Trusted Source: Scammers often try to steal the identity of government agencies or organizations and trap you. It is important that you reach the official site and source and trust only the information given on it.

Be alert before sharing your information: Before sharing any kind of data, make sure that it is necessary to do so. Also, it is important to ensure that you are sharing the data with an official source.

Verify before donating: Numerous fake fund donations related to Corona Relief are being demanded. Keep in mind that before making a donation in any fund, make sure about it and use only the correct account number or bank details for the donations.

Do not click on random links: If you find any kind of message or link on any social media source, do not click on the random link shown with it. With the help of such links you can be sent to malicious websites and data can be stolen.

Search the web: The most important is to search online on the web about any kind of messages, emails or apps that come automatically. In this way, you will be able to gather information and decide whether the message or email has come from the authoritative source, or is fake. Many fake offers are also being lured, which can be understood by reading on the web that they are fake.

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