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Doctors showing benefits of handwash on Google homepage

Doctors showing benefits of handwash on Google homepage
The search engine company makes doodles on its homepage on different occasions and events and today it is named ‘Father of Infection Control’. The title has been given to the Hungarian doctor Ignáez Semmelviz and he is considered to be the first person to explain the benefits of washing hands. At a time when the corona virus infection is spreading rapidly around the world, Google has emphasized the need to wash hands. The Hungarian physician Ignáij first described the medical benefits of hand washing. On 20 March 1847 Semmelvies insisted on the need for clean hands at the Maternity Clinic of the Vienna General Hospital. In this clinic, he was made Chief Resident, after which he asked all the Physicians to disinfect their hands with the help of Chlorinated Lime Solution.

Before Ignaz was made the chief resident of the Maternity Clinic, women who became mothers were losing their lives due to large number of infections and post-delivery fever. In an attempt to find out the reason, Dr. Ignaz found that infectious diseases on the hands of many doctors were reaching the rest due to not washing their hands in a proper manner. This was the reason that women who became mothers were having infections.

Handwash method in doodle

After finding out the case, Semmelviz was angry with fellow doctors and accused him of murder for not taking care of cleanliness. He had to admit at the Mental Hospital, where he died. It was only after Ignáez’s death that his claims about the need to wash his hands were true. Recalling his work, Google has shared a doodle, showing the right way to wash hands.

It is important to avoid corona

Let me tell you, people are being asked repeatedly by the World Health Organization (WHO) to wash their hands correctly. It is also due to the recent rapid spread of corona virus. Cleanliness has been described as the most effective way to avoid this infection.


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