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Explainer: After all, what is a vegan diet, how different is it from vegetarian?

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Virat Kohli is getting trolled on the internet because of eggs. The matter is related to his diet. Actually, a fan had asked the Indian captain about his diet on Instagram. Cheeku happily answered this. Among the things he named, there was also an egg. That’s where all the controversy started. The question was raised as to how can a Vegan diet eat Virat Egg. Seeing the ruckus growing, Virat came forward and clarified that he is not a vegetarian but a vegetarian. Let’s talk on this today and explain to you what is a vegan diet and how different is it from vegetarian?

Virat Kohli told his ‘secret’ diet plan, people raised questions
77 years old history
The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 and the term was coined, but historically it dates back much further to the time when people made it a part of their diet. In 2010, United Nations published a report and stated that the Vegan Diet is our future. Now gradually its trend has increased rapidly in India too. Common people have also started following the celebrities.

What is a vegan diet, how to do it?
People do not take eggs, meat, honey, milk, dairy products in this diet. It is a way of living a vegetarian lifestyle, but it is quite different from a vegetarian diet. In this, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lentils, nuts and seeds are eaten. In this diet, there is more focus on eating raw foods, which contain very less amount of fat. Low-fat and high-carb vegetarian foods are eaten. Vegan diet is done like a normal diet and it also helps in reducing weight. At what time, what to eat, everything is decided in advance and accordingly you have to decide your schedule.

Virat Kohli on Vegan: Seeing the controversy on social media, Virat Kohli gave clarification, said – I never made such a claim
What are the benefits of Vegan Diet?
The biggest and the main reason is that it causes rapid weight loss. Those who follow this diet have lower body mass index (BMI) than non vegans. Diet is high in fiber, which makes you feel full and you eat less. Blood sugar control can also be of great help. Following a vegan diet keeps the heart healthy. According to research, following this diet also reduces the risk of cancer.

These seven things give Kohli ‘Virat’ strength, shared diet plan
What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?
The biggest difference between the two diets is that vegans do not consume dairy products. Vegetarian people can eat honey, eggs, all kinds of vegetables, but nothing is eaten in the vegan diet. Neither meat or seafood. People following a vegan diet do not consume anything that threatens the environment or the existence of animals.

(This information has been collected on the basis of various research and studies. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an expert or doctor before consuming.

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