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Facebook rolls out dark mode for desktop users

Facebook rolls out dark mode for desktop users

Before this, Facebook has rolled out Darkmode for its apps Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook has been creating new interfaces for desktop users for quite some time.

Facebook rolled out Dark Mode for WhatsApp users earlier this month. Now Facebook has rolled out dark mode for its desktop users. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook has rolled out the dark mode for desktop users from today and soon all Facebook users will be able to access it. Facebook For a long time, it was preparing a new interface for desktop users.

How to use dark mode?

Facebook users can enable a new one by going to the drop down menu in the Desktop Settings tab. The company was testing new interfaces since January. By the end of the year the new interfaces will change to the default setting. Users will have two options ‘New Facebook’ and ‘Classic Facebook’. Users opting for the new Facebook book can switch to ‘classic Facebook’ with old interfaces.

Dark mode came in WhatsApp too

Users of Dark Mode waited for a long time. With the arrival of dark mode, the background of WhatsApp chat becomes dark, which causes the eyes to fatigue less during chatting. Dark mode also prevents the phone battery from draining too quickly.


‘Dark Mode’ theme coming soon on WhatsApp

Android and iOS users have been waiting for Dark Mode for a long time. This feature makes the background dark and the text dark gray. This does not hurt the eyes at night or during chatting in the dark room. The reason for the first white background was that too much light came out of the display, which used to put a lot of pressure on the eyes. Dark mode uses less screen pixels, which also makes the phone’s battery last longer.

These apps of Facebook also got dark mode

Earlier, Facebook’s Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have also got dark mode. With the dark mode, you can save the battery of your device as well as the pressure on the eyes is also less than the dark mode.

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