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fastest charging phone: new black shark will have world's fastest charging, battery full in 17 minutes – new black shark flagship expected to launch with 100w fast charging technology by xiaomi

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Xiaomi has made a lot of innovations in smartphones in the last few years and is competing with other brands in hardware to software. After the camera, a new announcement has been made in the case of fast charging after the camera. The world's fastest charging technology currently has Oppo's 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, but Xiaomi has broken the record and announced 100W fast charging tech. In the new BlackShark phone, the company can bring this fastest charging tech.

It was announced some time ago by Xiaomi that the company has developed 100W Fast Charging Tech. Eventually, this technology can become a part of a smartphone and the company is bringing this technology in the new BlackShark flagship phone. Talking about charging power, 100W is really a record, which will completely change the charging experience of the users. The new tech is several times faster than the current standard fast charging. At the moment, the rest of the companies are far behind.

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Other companies also brought new tech

Lenovo has also claimed that its first Lenovo Lehion phone will be launched with 90W fast charging. This means that 100W fast charging technology will become common for powerful devices in the coming times and many devices will come with it. According to the leaks that surfaced on Chinese social media Weibo, the new BlackShark flagship smartphone will break the 100W charging barrier, which means that the device will get the world's fastest charging technology.

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100 percent charge in 17 minutes

Their ultra-powerful fast charging technology was showcased by Xiaomi and Vivo last year. While 100W technology was showcased by Xiaomi, Vivo claimed to have reached 120W fast charging. However, both companies are not giving such fast charging tech in any of their phones. At the beginning of the year, Xiaomi Group China's president Lew Weibing indicated that Xiaomi could use 100W fast charging tech in mass production devices. With this help, 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in just 17 minutes.

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