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Fees will now have to be paid for transactions on PhonePe! The use of the app is not free


  • PhonePe released processing fee
  • Applicable for mobile recharge
  • Extra amount will have to be paid for the transaction

New Delhi. Digital payment app PhonePe will now charge you money on every transaction in the name of processing fee. Yes, you got it right and now if you recharge your phone using Phone Pay, then for this you will be required to pay extra charge along with the transaction and it will be applicable with every transaction. Till now you did not have to pay any processing fee separately to use PhonePe but now it is not so because the company has now decided to charge a processing fee of Rs 1 to 2 on every recharge transaction and this amount will be Rs 50 from you. Transactions of more than Rs. Let us tell you that there are lakhs of people in the country who use PhonePe and do transactions of thousands of rupees every day, in such a situation people will have to pay processing fee for phone recharge transaction and it is not optional. The burden on the pocket is going to increase now.

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Ever since the note has been tied in the country, people have started relying more on online payment and its trend has increased a lot and now in most shops you are advised to use online payment only because it is easy. And for this you do not even need to carry cash with you nor do you have to make frequent ATM rounds. This news can upset people a lot because now they will have to pay processing fee on every mobile recharge transaction of more than Rs 50.

The special thing is that if you do a transaction worth less than Rs 50 using PhonePe, then you will not have to pay any extra charge for this, whether you do the transaction once or thousand times, you will not have to pay any extra amount. . In such a situation, if you do small recharges with the help of this app, then there is no need to worry because then your transaction will not come under processing fee.

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At present, there are many apps for online transactions in the market, in which Google Pay, Paytm and Phone Pay are the most popular and people like to use them. Although no extra charge has to be paid for doing transactions on Google and Paytm, but if you do a transaction on PhonePe, then it will be necessary to pay the charge here. Although the processing fee is modest, it can still have an impact on people.

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