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Four amazing features found in MIUI 12, which you do not know

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A few days ago, a new custom MIUI 12 UI has been officially announced by Chinese tech company Xiaomi. Some of the features given in it were announced during the launch of the new system, but the company is still not covered by all the features. Right now, many Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones are getting its public beta version. Apart from many features that have already been revealed, we have brought details related to four new features, which you may not know yet.

MIUI 12 Minimalist Mode

This feature has not been discouraged by Xiaomi but MIUI 12 Minimalist Mode is for older users. With its help, it offers a 3-column layout in addition to large fonts and icons. In this way, elderly users can easily see and recognize icons. Apart from this, the necessary contacts can be added on the screen itself, making them easy to call.


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The company has also added a new handwriting input method, which will prove useful for the elderly. In this mode, one has to confirm twice for app downloading, so that no app is downloaded by mistake. On downloading a new app in this mode, a pop-up occurs again, so that elderly users can be saved from accidentally downloading many apps.


MIUI 12 Calendar

Xiaomi has also changed the entire design and look of the calendar in the new interface. Users can now rotate the screen and the weekly view will also be seen on the side. With this help, scheduling an event or task will be easier than ever. After rotating the device, the new calendar design looks inspired by Google Calendar and its design is also very user friendly.



In MIUI 12, SMS will be visible to users in two categories, Main SMS and Promotion SMS. With this help, the messages coming from express delivery information to the bank's messages and OTP will be managed in such a way that they do not get mixed up in the rest of the messages. Often due to these important personal messages are missed. This feature will also prove useful.

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MIUI 12 Weather

Information related to air quality and weather can now be easily seen in the system. For both features, users will see a 3D map on the display. Details of where it may rain or is happening on the map will be shown. Xiaomi has placed more emphasis on graphics-related experience in its new user interface and the apps have been made better than ever with the help of a lot of colors-animations.

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