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Good news for millions of gamers! The new update of Battlegrounds Mobile India will benefit


  • Indian avatar of pubg is everywhere
  • Battleground Mobile India just got better
  • Millions of people play this game in India

New Delhi.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Updated Feature Details:
Great news has come for the fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India game, which is considered to be the Indian avatar of PUBG in India. Yes, just 11 days after the launch, this royal battle game has received a great update, bringing the new Vipan MG3 to the users along with the Mission Ignition Mode for a limited time. Some more changes have been made in the new update, which is quite beneficial for gamers.

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What connected?
Last week, a glimpse of the new update named Battlegrounds Mobile India version 1.5.0 was shown and now it has been rolled out. Along with this, the Royale Pass Month system has also been added in the update. One special thing that is wooing the users with all this is that Gigafactory facility has been provided in Erangel Map for the users by partnering with Tesla.

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Many special features added (Image – Battlegrounds Mobile India)

new machine gun arrived
The new Vipan light machine gun MG3 added after the update to BattleGround Mobile India will replace the existing M249. This will be very helpful during battles on Classic maps and Karakin maps and gamers will be able to use it during airdrops. Let me tell here that MG3 offers gamers continuous firepower from 6x scope. Along with this, 6 new locations have been added to the Erangel Map in the new Mission Ignition Mode. In this mode, the player can be sent from one part to another with the help of automatic hyperlines.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Updated Feature Details 2

This game has become even better than before

Many more new things…
Crafton, the developer of BattleGround Mobile India, is constantly doing something better for the convenience of the players. Players have the option that they can choose the graphics option according to the capacity of their mobile. Along with this, players can also customize the sensitivity of their guns. In the latest update of Battleground Mobile India, many more special features have been added, about which users will get an idea while playing.

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