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Happy Hippos NFT: A Pioneer Collection Drop – Sponsored Bitcoin News

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique data unit contained within a digital ledger and cannot be exchanged. They are used as representations of objects that can be easily reproduced such as artwork, images, video and audio files, among other digital files. NFTs are unique in their own way, using blockchain technology in creating a verifiable and accessible certificate of ownership.

Happy Hippos is a class of AI-generated NFTs generated randomly through a programmed mechanism and based on the Ethereum blockchain.

8888 Hippo has been developed from more than a million varieties to sample the collection of the first generation of hippos.

about the hippo

Hippos are found in Africa where they are happy and co-exist in harmony. However, since this class of hippos is a threatened species with rapid extinction, they await adoption by interested individuals.

While hippos are generally wonderful to own, they each stand out for their physical appearance. The best of these hippos are those that display a more packed look, as they have additional attributes such as the presence of a beard, having a hat, and wearing a dress and a set of glasses.

Every purchase made with Happy Hippos NFT leads to a donation platform in the buyer’s name to a wildlife organization. The donations are part of efforts to protect the hippos as they remain in their natural habitat. At the same time, the owner of the corresponding Happy Hippo NFT is awarded a formal adoption certification of a genuine Hippo. This brings up the concept of types of hippo.

types of hippo

There are five different types of hippos, depending on the number of distinctive features they display. In this regard, we have:

type of hippo Number number of properties percent composition
General 3101 1 35%
mythical 1780 3 20%
Famous 888 3. more than 10%
Rare 3101 2 35%
Unique 18

The Happy Hippos project is focused on giving back to the community and making them a part of the system. To this end, the forum maintains an openness to anyone who wishes to be part of the debate. Joining the Happy Hippos ecosystem gives a hippo owner a position to stay current and be informed about everything to come. It also enables them to give ideas and input on how the project can be developed.

There are still a lot of plans going on for Happy Hippos. The aim of the schemes is to maintain them in their happy state within their habitat in harmony. Some of these future plans include integrating the concept of breeding and commissioning, just to name a few.

While efforts are being made to further improve the future of Happy Hippos, users’ input is much needed. Input can only be delivered if users are part of the discussions.

owner of a hippo

Hippo can be accessed by purchasing. When buying Happy Hippo, shoppers can use crypto, PayPal, credit card or MetaMask to pay for whatever they buy.

Once you have purchased a Hippo, Happy Hippo NFT goes directly to the wallet address used in the purchase. After that, Happy Hippos can be seen Infinity8.io, This avenue also provides a place to buy or adopt a hippo. To do so, one has to go through the registration procedures Infinity8.io so that they have an account.

The first 1,000 individuals to sign up for an account on the above link are ready to enjoy pre-sale benefits. This is because they are the only group of people who will be made aware of the date and time of the pre-sale start. As the days draw closer, 1K account owners will be notified via email, informing them more about what to do. It is within November.

Joining the first 1000 wallet or account owners whitelists the holder for pre-sale deals. Alternatively, players can go through email info@infinity8.io Or engage developers through your Twitter page.
A Happy Hippo holder enjoys many benefits and privileges. Things to enjoy include:

  • Access to upcoming pre-sales even before scheduled projects are due or launched. it’s through Infinity8.io Forum.
  • Official certificate of adoption of wildlife hippos that roam together in harmony in Africa.

The list does not end here. It remains open as disputes are still ongoing over increasing the number of privileges to be enjoyed.

pre-sale privilege

The pre-sale includes taking apart some of the Happy Hippos sold out before the actual date. This provides an effective marketing strategy as those who take advantage of such events enjoy better prices than those who buy at the actual exposure. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that for presale sales, The Happy Hippos goes for 0.06 percent. This is 0.028 less than the 0.088 price bid set for the public sale for the individual hippo.

Infinity8.io gas price concerns

Concerns about unusual jump in prices Infinity8.io The platform is valid as the days are approaching. As it stands, Happy Hippos NFT Gas prices are among the lowest in the entire table of non-fungible tokens running on the ETH blockchain. These NFTs range between $3 and $50.

Additionally, no additional charges are levied over and above the gas charge. This makes Happy Hippos a more cost friendly project as compared to other players in the industry.

The first collection to be featured on Happy Hippos is ready to drop Infinity8.io, so there is a need to develop a very powerful Happy Hippo community. Major proponents of community engagement include social media platforms such as Twitter. Discord will also be a enabler as it will facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas.

As part of their philanthropic strategies, the Happy Hippo developers at Infinuty8 strive to connect with recognized charity foundations. Those platforms also provide consistent giveaways to the users.

Project Inauguration

The Happy Hippos NFT project is scheduled for unveiling in early November. No specific date or time has yet been provided, a strategy intended to keep the future community in anticipation. The official launch of the first Happy Hippos Drop is certainly historic and will be a grand event.

Since Twitter and Discord are the outlet points for any information, and in light of the pre-sale privileges, this is going to be a contest starting 48 hours before the public sale. The privileged will certainly be attentive.

There is also going to be a mid-drop celebration once sales are 25%. At that point, 25 Happy Hippos will be distributed to random wallets with 0.08888 Ethereum sent to five Happy Hippo holders at random.

At the 50% sale mark, 50 additional Happy Hippos will again be offered randomly to 10 other Hippo holders with 0.08888 ETH. The same will be done on 75% marks. Once each Happy Hippo has been sold (100% points), there will be a special Happy Hippo giveaway for one wallet and 0.8888 Ethereum to the other single lucky holder.

Milestone (% Sold) reward 1 reward 2
25% 25 Happy Hippos to Random Purses 0.08888 ETH to 5 random holder.
50% 50 Happy Hippos to Random Purses 0.08888 ETH to 10 random holder
75% 75 Happy Hippos to Random Purses 0.08888 ETH to 10 random holder.
100% 1 special happy hippo to 1 random wallet 0.8888 1 lucky holder from Ethereum.

After Sales Events

NS Infinity8.io The platform is also planning to develop a one million dollar creator fund in appreciation for developers doing amazing work. Money will be received from royalties and mint sales and will be sent to support the developers and the projects they work on for the betterment of their entire community.

In the end, there will be a Official Happy Hippo Safari Experience in Africa, This opportunity to be won by a Happy Hippo holder in the competition will be up to the mark. Every Happy Hippo holder will take part in this competition.

december gift

ending the year in style, Infinity8.io The personalized Happy Hippo is also ready to start with a short cartoon and coloring book to be given to the holders. The gifts are not for adults but for their children in the festive season of Christmas. Other merchandise, including Happy Hippos shirts, hats, stickers, and hoodies, are also on offer, and only the attentive will receive these gifts.

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image credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, WikiCommons

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