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Indian app like tiktok: India's app 'Chingari', which came to compete with TikTok, reached the top chart – tiktok has a new indian rival called chingari app which is rapidly gaining popularity, crosses 25 lakh plus downloads

Chingari App

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The short video sharing platform TikTok is popular worldwide, but people are stopping using Chinese apps after the tension on the China border in India. Meanwhile, the 'Made in India app' offering features like TikTok is becoming increasingly popular and has been downloaded over 25 lakh times. Users are replacing TikTok with the Spark app and upon seeing the app, it has entered the trending charts. We are going to tell you everything about this app.

This app, which has become TikTok's Desi Choice, has been developed by the developers of Odisha and Karnataka in association with IT professionals in Chhattisgarh. Sumit Ghosh, chief of product of the Spark App, based in Bhilai, told the Times of India that it took him nearly two years to develop the app. If they believe, this app has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs and likes of Indian users.

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App reached the top charts

The Sparkle app was released officially on the Google Play Store in November 2018. However, now the demand for Chinese products and apps bycot in India is increasing and after this trend on social media, app downloads are increasing rapidly. Sumit said, “We are getting great response from Indian users and recently revealed data shows that this app has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.” The special thing is that it has made a place in the top charts of FEI apps.


Made in Top Charts.

Multiple language options

Bishwatma Nayak of Odisha and Siddharth Gautham of Karnataka have developed this app. Sumit said, 'This social media application designed in India is giving a direct competition to the TikTok app. Apart from the great features found in this app, many Indian languages ​​have also been supported in it. These include many languages ​​like Oriya, Gujarati and Marathi. The app has many features like trending news, entertainment news, funny videos, video songs and love quotes.

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App's interface is simple

Gadgets Now Hindi also installed and used the Spark app. The app gives users the option to choose any of the 11 languages ​​as soon as they open for the first time. It has three different tabs namely Video, News and Game Zone. Apart from this, a video feed appears, in which you can watch videos without even logging in. After swiping right, users get other options. Apart from this, after registering and logging in the app, users also get rewards.

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