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Samsung brought washing machine with AI technology, will work by understanding the Hindi language itself

The country’s renowned electronics company Samsung has launched India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Hindi and English-language washing machine. This washing machine has two language user interfaces. This line up of full automatic front load washing machine is designed solely for India. This is a part of Samsung’s vision of Powering Digital India.
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It has special technology Ecobable and QuickDrive designed by Samsung, which takes 45 percent more care of clothes and is also power saving. These new models have been equipped with Hygiene Steam Technology keeping in mind the high standard of washing and cleaning. It removes dust particles trapped in clothing, eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and removes allergens.

How does AI work? The latest washing machine lineup is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature which users get a customized laundry process and has 21 new models. The Artificial Intelligence technology given in this takes into account the washing habits of the user and adjusts the washing cycle used by them most.
The most important thing is that this Smart Internet of Things (IoT) enabled washing machine can connect with Galaxy Smartphone, Samsung Smart Tv and Family Hub Refrigerator as well as devices like Alexa and Google Home. This new washing machine lineup of Samsung is equipped with a new design. It is quite easy to understand, has an attractive digital interface and very easy friendly simple jog dial control.
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Will reduce power consumption: This entire range has a 5-star energy rating from BEE. Digital inverter technology was given, so that the washing machine will use less power and make less noise. New models of washing machines come equipped with Samsung’s Ecobubble technology that penetrates into the fabric fibers, removes dust particles from the pedestal and takes more care of the clothes.

QuickDrive technology reduces washing time without compromising on the severity of cleaning to users. Auto dispense technology helps to automatically remove a fixed quantity of detergent and softener for every load. Apart from this, detergents required for up to 1 month of washing can also be kept in this machine. At the same time, Q-bubble has created a different bubbling algorithm which removes more amount of detergent in faster washing and reduces the washing time by up to 50 percent.

Availability: If you shop online, some models of this Samsung washing machine will be available on e-commerce site Amazon, Flipkart and Samsung’s official site. This new AI-enabled laundry lineup of Samsung will be available in the Indian market from 6 April.

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Price and Offer: Talking about the price, this new AI-enabled laundry lineup of Samsung is priced at Rs. 35,400. If you buy Samsung’s new washing machine range, you can get up to 20 percent cashback. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy on EMI, then you can buy it with no interest EMI and minimum EMI of Rs 990.

Samsung AI-capable washing machine features

AI Control: The AI ​​pattern learns by remembering your washing habits and based on that it tells you how often it is appropriate for you to wash a cloth. This service also helps you in correcting the malfunctions by reducing your dependence on the centers and also ensures that you do not have to turn the pages of the manual. It also communicates with the Auto Cycle Link Dryer and chooses the most suitable driving course on its own.

Ecobubble: Samsung’s Ecobubble technology uses a bubble generator, which dissolves the detergent in water and then causes a lot of foam to flow into it. This foam comes 40 times faster in the fibers of the clothes. This technique keeps clothes up to 45 percent safer due to less mechanical activity and a base of bubbles. The Super Eco Wash program washes at just 15 degrees centigrade with a quality like 40 degrees centigrade, which consumes only 30% power.
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QuickDrive: QuickDrive is designed to take washing performance to an entirely new level. This technology not only intensifies the washing cycle, but also makes the whole process easier and less power consuming. Now you can enjoy wearing clothes for longer by spending less time in washing.

Auto Dispense: Auto Dispense enables you to wash clothes well in less time and effort. It automatically removes the right amount of detergent and softener for each load, saving 26% detergent and 46% softener. Easily refillable machine detachable tank can hold enough washing detergent for up to 1 month.

Adwash: Adwash allows the user to add more clothes or detergent to the machine after the washing cycle has started. If something is left out, or you need to add extra softener or just a cloth to wash, it can be added anytime during washing.

Hygiene Steam: Hygiene steam cleans clothing deeply by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum and thoroughly saturating the wash. Hygiene Steam removes the dirt or soot mixed with clothing and eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs causing allergies. In the hygiene steam cycle, water, soil and detergent are first removed.

Then some clean water is taken to make it steam. After that, a heater inside it boils water for 20 minutes. After the steam phase, it drains out the water and begins to rinse and finally move on to the next stage of washing to complete the cycle.

Drum Clean / Drum Clean +: Drum Clean helps you keep dirt and bacteria out of your machine without using any chemical. It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from inside the machine and removes dust from the rubber gasket. The washing machine automatically informs the user if it needs cleaning.
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Stay Clean Drawer: Stycline drawer with a specially designed water flushing system ensures that excess detergent is removed. Therefore, all the residues of detergent and softener are fully utilized and the tray remains clean and hygienic.

Bubble Soak: Bubble soak function very easily and effectively discharges various types of stains with just one touch. This active bubble function helps to remove various types of stubborn stains such as blood, tea, wine, make-up and grass.

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