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Spellfire: The NFT You Can Actually Touch – Sponsored Bitcoin News

In recent months NFTs or as it is code, non-fungible tokens have become a hot topic that everyone is talking about. NFTs are a valuable model of digital ownership that allows you to make money.

If you have paper money or money in your bank accounts, you can buy, rent, sell, invest and become an active player in the world’s stock exchange game. The same can be said about NFTs, which can be purchased with the help of cryptocurrencies, in most cases within the blockchain Ethereum. With so many words eyeing the new and promising technology, the value of NFTs goes up significantly even in the stock exchange market of the word as you can see the investors move and the prices go up and down.

With NFTs being digital assets and representing real-world objects, from art to game items, you can expect that everything you buy with them will always be in the digital world. However, the upcoming new project – the fantasy game “Spellfire” is ready and ready to be the wind of change in that matter.

“Spellfire” suggests the unique experience of owning in-game cards in real life

“Spellfire” is a fantasy game that offers players unique experiences in magical worlds that include lands such as Bloodborne, Wet Desert or The Holy Deadland. Multiple players can dive into a world full of disillusionment that will probably remind you of your favorite fantasy movies or series.

Kings and witches, good people and evil forces, war and treason, here you will have everything that a great fantasy game should have and apparently even more. The digital version of the game suggests hundreds of carefully and artistically designed game cards that represent different characters within a number of distinctive levels.

With these types of games, everything usually resides in the digital world, however, as NFTs gain momentum, the minds behind “Spellfire” take a revolutionary road and introduce the ability to purchase the game’s real world cards. .

The most loyal and engaged fans or those who probably see the profits accumulated can buy game cards with NFTs. Being a digital ledger in a certain way similar to cryptocurrency, each NFT is unique and, in this instance, can represent real-life goods like game cards. You can get it at home, literally anything else you buy with money, but in the digital world a card can be highly valuable and just make you money on your own.

Fighting evil monsters and building a bank has never been easier

If more people are joining the market, selling, buying and reselling, prices go up and you can make more money. In this example, let’s say you purchased a “Spellfire’s” Arcana: Fire card that is interactive and upgradeable.

After some time, you decide to sell it, you look at the market prices and movement and you follow the moment when the prices are highest: then it is time to sell. That way, having real cards makes the whole experience better and almost surreal. Players not only have a share of the virtual world but they can also see what is helping them to make money.

Spellfire allows everyone involved to be part of the revolution, connecting the past to the future. You have a fairly ordinary game card but in reality, you are involved in something real and futuristic.

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