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Such craze of fornite game, the parents spent 15 lakh rupees – fortnite teen players spend 15 lakh rupees of his parents

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These days, there are many cases of blowing millions of rupees for playing online video games. Another such new case has come out from abroad, in which a child playing Fornite spent about 15 lakh rupees of his parents. According to the report, a husband and wife collected this amount over many years, which his son blew in just 17 days. Now this couple has posted their objection on Reddit. However, he did not name his son.

According to a report by Dot Esports, this kid who is fond of video games has spent 20 thousand dollars (Rs 14.92 lakh) on the game live-streaming service Twith. Through a service called Twith, you can watch your favorite players playing live, as well as spend money on them. The child's mother tried hard to get the money back, although she could not get her money back.

The child's mother said, “When I saw the bank balance, I fainted. I cried a lot I could not believe my son could do this. ' In fact, this teenager was given a debit card to buy school goods, which he spent for the game. The mother says that she was busy with her work, due to which the son could not pay attention to what he keeps doing online.

What is Fortnite Game

It is an online video game with 250 million users worldwide. It has up to 100 players compete online. In this, users get many types of weapons. A match takes about 20 minutes. If you have died in the game, you can also play a new game immediately. Children older than 12 years are allowed to play this game in Europe.

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