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The idea of ​​different captains will not work in our culture: Kapil Dev

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Clarifying his stand on the ongoing debate over different captains for the national cricket team, former Indian captain Kapil Dev said on Friday that ‘a multinational company cannot have two CEOs’.

After the Mumbai Indians’ fifth Indian Premier League title led by Rohit Sharma, the debate over the different captains of the national team from the MI five time champion has increased and many former players have raised It is suggested that this opener be given at least the captaincy of the T20 team.

Virat Kohli currently leads the Indian team in all three formats (Virat Kohli Captaincy). Kapil said at the HT Leadership Summit held online, ‘This cannot happen in our culture. Do you make two CEOs in a company? No. If Kohli is playing T20 and he is good then let it be. However I would like to see other players come forward as well. but it’s hard.’

He said, ’70 to 80 percent of our team is the same in all formats. He does not like captains with different views. If you have two captains, the players may think that he will be my captain in the Test. I will not resent him. ‘

Kapil recently had a heart attack, after which he had to undergo angioplasty. Talking about the art of fast bowling, the 1983 World Cup winner (1983 World Cup captain), Kapil (Kapil), captain of the Indian team, said that he is saddened by the fast bowlers using too many variations.

He said, ‘I am not happy with today’s fast bowlers. The first ball cannot be a cross seam. In the IPL, players felt that swing was more important than speed. It was difficult to face Sandeep Sharma who bowled at a speed of 120 kmph because he was moving the ball.

Kapil said, “Bowlers have to understand that swing rather than speed is important. They should learn it but they are moving away from this art. In the IPL, T. Natrajan (T. Natrajan) is my hero. He was fearless young bowler and was putting so many yorkers.

Kapil said that if you do not know how to swing the ball, then variations are useless. Kapil, however, is quite satisfied with India’s current fast bowlers. He said, ‘Our fast bowlers are fantastic. Look at Shami, Bumrah. As a cricketer, I feel very happy to say that today we are dependent on our fast bowlers. Our bowlers are capable of taking 20 wickets in the match. We had spinners like Kumble, Harbhajan Singh, but today no country would want to say give them bouncy wickets.

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