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Smart toilet with cameras will tell if you are sick

Smart toilet with cameras will tell if u are sick
Researchers at Standford University have a Smart toilet. Prototype of This smart Toilet your ‘Analprint’ Can identify you. It has sensors and cameras so that it can monitor your stool (potty) and tell you that someone disease Yes or No. With this, whenever you go to the potty, this smart toilet will automatically do a stool test.

According to the researchers, ‘this device will especially work for people who have genetically inherited diseases such as Ball syndrome, prostate cancer or kidney failure. Apart from this, this smart toilet will also be very useful for those for whom health is most important. MD, PhD Sanjeev ‘Sam’ Gambhir said that our concept is more than 15 years old. When I thought of bringing it up, I thought people would laugh because it was an interesting idea but a little strange.

He further added, ‘This is a simple toilet with gadgets inside. Different technologies have been used in these tools. There is motion sensing technology to test, which gives information about a person’s health. Urine samples have physical and molecular analysis, while stool tests are also physically. ‘

Like fingerprints, the anal print ID of every person is also unique. The toilet has a small scanner that scans the anel. Gambhir said, ‘Performing this whole process means giving feedback about a person’s health, so we needed to create a toilet that could differentiate between users. To do this we built a flush lever that can identify fingerprints. ‘ According to Gambhir, the team felt that fingerprints were not full proof, so it was necessary to take an anal print. He said, ‘What would happen if one person uses a toilet but flushes someone else? And what if the toilet has an auto-flush feature? ‘

He further added, ‘We know this sounds strange but your anal prints are unique. Both finger and non-finger scans are used for recognition so that the data of the users can be matched. Neither you and your doctor will be able to see the scan. ‘

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