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WhatsApp’s deleted chats will come back, the process is very simple


  • It is common for chats to be deleted on WhatsApp
  • You can also recover this chat
  • Recovery process is very easy

New Delhi. Many times we delete the messages or chats of WhatsApp and then later we have to repent if an important message or chat is deleted. But messages and chats deleted from WhatsApp can now be recovered again. Today we are going to tell you a trick by which you can easily get back deleted messages or chats.

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Can deleted messages or chats be recovered?

Messages and chats sent between users on WhatsApp are saved in their phone device, and as soon as these messages are delivered to the receiver, these messages are deleted from WhatsApp’s servers. Which means that if a user deletes the chat from their smartphone after this, then it becomes difficult to get those messages back. But now users can recover deleted WhatsApp messages or chats.

How to recover deleted messages or chats

Upload Chats to Google Drive and iCloud

WhatsApp has a great feature that allows users to back up their messages and chats on the cloud. Which clearly means that even if someone’s smartphone is lost or stolen, their chats remain safe in the cloud. For this, users can upload their chats to Google Drive for Android phones and iCloud for iPhones. By doing this, all chats and messages can be downloaded again after reinstalling the app or installing the app on a new phone.

This cloud backup function is the most reliable way to recover deleted messages and chats. Generally, chat backup in WhatsApp for Android phones occurs between 2 am and 4 am when the app is least used. That is, if you have deleted a message or chat today, just uninstall the app and then reinstall it for the morning back up without taking a new backup.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Android Smart Phone:

If you have an Android smartphone but you do not use WhatsApp cloud backup, local backups of chats are saved on your smartphone. In this way, you can also recover old messages that have been deleted from the new backup.
Follow these steps to recover chats from smartphone without cloud backup –

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1. To recover deleted old WhatsApp chats from Android, you have to navigate to the Android folder from a file manager, then find the WhatsApp folder and open the folders inside it.

2. Now rename the backup you want to restore as “msgstore.db.crypt12” instead of msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12. This will ask WhatsApp to use your renamed file as a new backup. But this will delete all the chats after your old backup. This is the only way to recover deleted messages and chats with the help of Android phone.

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